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The complete recorded Hayseed Dixie music catalog is available for digital download from iTunes Music Store and Amazon, as well as all streaming digital channels such as Spotify.

However, if you are old-school like us and would prefer a proper physical CD, then please do purchase these below! Hell, we make more money from CDs than we ever will from streams! Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery - though it probably won't actually take more than a few days, but it is impossible to predict the speed of the postal services of various countries.

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We are re-issuing as many of the albums as possible on vinyl. Get vinyl directly from us at a live show or from the cool local record store near you.

Grasswhooping Party Packs Vol. 1 + 2

(2013) digital-only albums

These are 2013 digital-only releases.

Sorry. There are currently no CDs or vinyl of this double album release. Please go to iTunes or Amazon to download these albums. Best enjoyed with Gin and Juice.

Nicotine and Alcohol

(2012) CD

2012 Hayseed Dixie album of drinking songs, previously available as digital download only. This is a limited-edition CD pressing available only from this website. 7 original songs and 4 new Rockgrass re-interpretations of international classics. Even includes an original Hayseed drinking anthem auf Deutsch - “die richtige Zeit für Schwarzbier!” Best enjoyed with German Black Beer.

1 Nicotine and Alcohol

2 Schnaps das war sein letztes Wort

3 Whiskey Ain't As Risky

4 Die richtige Zeit für Schwarzbier

5 Ellie Schaffer

6 The Man With the Money

7 Hier Kommt Alex

8 A Jug of Whiskey (The Drunken Sailor Revisited)

9 Clandestino

10 One More

11 You Can Always Leave Town

Sjt. Munchs Drikkeklubb Band

(2011) CD

A love letter to Norway and Norwegian music - 3 Hayseed originals including 2 written and sung (with pronounced American accents) in the Norsk language. The rest of the album is comprised of Rockgrass reworkings of Norwegian songs . . . speakers of Danish and Swedish might understand a bit of it. Maybe. Best enjoyed with Aquavit.

1 Elm Street Rock Cafe

2 Hvis Jeg Var Deg

3 Skilles Johanne

4 Get It On

5 Noen å Hate

6 To Fulle Menn

7 Gypo

8 Dra Til Helvete

9 Jeg Vet Hva Du Vil

10 Past the Point of Rescue

11 Bundy

12 Dagen Derpå

Killer Grass

(2010) CD / DVD Package

A concept album and DVD of songs about killing and murder, containing seven new Hayseed Dixie originals and six Rockgrass reinterpretations of classics. Best enjoyed with Cuban Rum neat.


1 Tolerance

2 Bohemian Rhapsody

3 Alien Abduction Probe

4 Omen

5 In the Backyard

6 Eine Kleine Trinkmusik

7 Norfolk Girl

8 She’s Just My Type

9 Underneath the Bed

10 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

11 Won't Get Fooled Again

12 Ramblin' Man / Don't Cry For Me


6 Music Videos

5 Instructional Videos

AND the complete multitrack WAV audio files for the entire album, to be mixed and remixed by you, including bonus track, "Love Cabin," which must be mixed to be heard.

No Covers

(2008) CD

The 2008 album of all original Hayseed Dixie songs. Half acoustic and half electric. This one is the singer’s personal favo(u)rite out of them all, but that’s probably just because he wrote most of the songs. Best enjoyed with Barbaresco or Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

1 Bouncing Betty Boogie

2 Set Myself On Fire

3 When Washington Comes Around

4 Born To Die In France

5 Stephanie Come To Me Secretly

6 Stonewall Hicks

7 Everybody Knows

8 Gonna Be Alright

9 You've Got Me All Wrong Baby

10 Trickle Down

11 Last Days Coming

12 Donkeys In Morocco

13 Frustration

14 That's It I Quit

Weapons Of Grass Destruction

(2007) CD

Jake the bassman’s favo(u)rite. This album was recorded in two days sitting in a circle in a house in East Nashville, Tennessee - back before East Nashville was considered cool. Unlike some of the other albums, this one was mostly made while drinking beer. Lots of beer. In fact, nobody involved actually remembers exactly how much beer. Best enjoyed with American IPA.

1 Holidays In the Sun

2 Devil Woman

3 I Don't Feel Like Dancing

4 She Was Skinny When I Met Her

5 Strawberry Fields Forever

6 Before Your Old Man Gets Home

7 Breaking the Law

8 More Pretty Girls Than One

9 Down Down

10 Walking Cane

11 Paint It Black

12 Hungover Brokedown

13 Poison

14 The Rider Song

plus bonus tracks:

15 Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder

16 Mein Teil

17 I Got Erection

18 Barbeque

You Wanna See Something REALLY Scary?

(2006) EP

A limited-pressing EP recorded in Scotland for the 2006 Halloween tour. Currently out of print on CD but still available as a download from iTunes, Amazon and the like. Best enjoyed with Jägermeister.


1 Monster Mash

2 Bad Moon Rising

3 Didn't Wake Up This Morning

4 Dead Turkey in the Straw

5 Blackbirds and Crows

A Hot Piece Of Grass

(2005) CD

Half Rockgrass re-interpretations and half originals. It remains John’s favo(u)rite album cover design and contains many of the band’s live standards. A lot of whiskey was consumed making this one. Best enjoyed with English Best Bitter.


1 Black Dog

2 War Pigs

3 Holiday

4 Rockin' In the Free World

5 Whole Lotta Love

6 Runnin' With the Devil

7 This Fire

8 Roses

9 Blind Beggar Breakdown

10 Kirby Hill

11 Uncle Virgil

12 Mountain Man

13 Marijuana

14 Moonshiner's Daughter

15 Wish I Was You

16 Dueling Banjos

Let There Be Rockgrass

(2004) CD

The 2004 album that introduced Hayseed Dixie and Rockgrass music to Europe. Best enjoyed with Knob Creek or Noah’s Mill Bourbon.

1 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live)

2 Fat Bottom Girls

3 Whole Lotta Rosie

4 You Shook Me All Night Long (live)

5 I Believe In a Thing Called Love

6 Ace Of Spades

7 Detroit Rock City

8 Corn Liquor

9 Feel Like Making Love

10 Walk This Way

11 Touch Too Much

12 Centerfold

13 I'm Keeping Your Poop

14 Highway To Hell (live)

15 Will the Circle Be Unbroken (live)

Kiss My Grass

(2003) CD

Like the title implies, ten Rockgrass reinventions of Kiss classics.  On hearing it, Gene Simmons said, “This is great! I can’t wait to get the royalty check!” Best enjoyed with Cold Gin.

1 Calling Dr. Love

2 Detroit Rock City

3 Christine Sixteen

4 Cold Gin

5 Let's Put the X In Sex

6 Love Gun

7 Lick It Up

8 I Love It Loud

9 Rock & Roll All Nite

10 Heaven's On Fire

Mountain Love

(2002) CD

A strictly US release from 2002, currently out of print on physical CD, but still available as a digital download from iTunes, Amazon and such. Most of the tracks are now included on the newer “Let There Be Rockgrass” CD above. Best enjoyed with Tequila and Lime.

1 My Best Friend's Girlfriend

2 Centerfold

3 Walk This Way

4 Feel Like Making Love

5 I Love Rock and Roll

6 The Perfect Woman

7 Fat Bottom Girls

8 Big Bottom

9 Cat Scratch Fever

10 I'm Keeping Your Poop

A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC

(2001) CD

This is the album that started it all and introduced the creation of Rockgrass music to the World.

A classic of profound historical importance!  A must for every serious, and non-serious, music collection. The initial manifesto which loudly proclaimed that the Lost Highway and the Highway To Hell are the same damn road! Best enjoyed with a good Single-Malt Scotch.

1 Highway To Hell

2 You Shook Me All Night Long

3 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

4 Hells Bells

5 Money Talks

6 Let's Get It Up

7 Have a Drink On Me

8 T.N.T.

9 Back In Black

10 Big Balls

Limited Edition Released in

Norway only

Digital Only Release

US only,

Out of Print

on CD

Hayseed Dixie Logo T-Shirt

These stylish and fashionable heavyweight silkscreened t-shirts, equally suitable for home or office, are finally available here on the website!

When ordering, please specify which size you require: Small, Medium, Large, XL or great big 2 XXL


Limited Edition, Now Out of Print on CD

John Wheeler - Un-American Gothic

(2013) CD

The 2013 solo album from Hayseed frontman John Wheeler aka Barley Scotch. Contains 10 original songs written on the road as well as 2 re-imaginations in the songs Eton Rifles and Masters of War. Best enjoyed with Vodka and Lime.

1 Down at the Exit

2 Doomsday Dance

3 Eton Rifles

4 Deeper in Debt

5 Little Houses in a Row

6 Küss Mich Noch Einmal

7 Like I Want You

8 Street Sweeper Lullaby

9 Wondering Why I Ever Go Home

10 Masters of War

11 Black Forest Skies

12 Walk Between the Raindrops

Hair Down To My Grass

(2015) CD

This 2015 instant classic delivers 12 Rockgrass re-workings of the most memorable songs from the exalted era of Hair Rock! For home or office, party or barbeque. Best enjoyed with Bourbon & Coke.

1 Don’t Stop Believin’

2 Eye of the Tiger

3 The Final Countdown

4 We’re Not Gonna Take It

5 Summer of 69

6 Pour Some Sugar On Me

7 Dude Looks Like a Lady

8 Livin’ On a Prayer

9 Wind der Veränderung (Wind of Change)

10 We are the Road Crew

11 Comfortably Numb

12 Don’t Fear the Reaper

Recordings on CD

John Wheeler - Difficult #2 Album

(2016) CD

The 2nd solo album from Hayseed frontman and singer, John Wheeler aka Barley Scotch.  Eleven original songs celebrating the End of the World with a resolved, sardonic smirk and middle finger held high. Consider it the soundtrack to a Mardi-Gras-style street party at the Gates of Hell. Weiter, weiter ins Verderben! Best enjoyed with Riesling Trocken or Pinot Gris.

1 Doomsday Dance Parade

2 Insect Kingdom

3 Just My Job

4 Something I Don’t See

5 Zweistimmige Inventio 1

6 Too Much Poop To Flush

7 No Room For Doubt

8 You Should Know By Now

9 She Likes Bad Men

10 Not Thinking About Anything

11 Four People

Free Your Mind and Your Grass Will Follow

(2017) CD

The 2017 Hayseed Dixie studio album, a collection of re-imagined classic soul songs and soul-inspired originals. This albums finds the boys seeking after the core commonality that runs through all of humanity - so they can buy it a drink. Best enjoyed with Brandy.

1 Buffalo Soldier

2 What’s Going On

3 Oliver’s Army

4 Move It In the Night

5 Ball of Confusion

6 So Quickly We Forget

7 The Ballad of Curtis Loew

8 Black or White

9 Vom Selben Stern

10 A Change Is Gonna Come

11 When the World Gets Small

12 Love Train

13 Ain’t No Country Big Enough

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John Wheeler - Daydreams About Night Things

(2018) EP

Four original outlaw-country songs and an outlaw-country classic. It’s a stripped-down, electric guitar and percussion story of a single evening in the life of a working man from Hayseed’s frontman. Half an album, half price: $6 USD! Best enjoyed with American Lager Beer.


1 Daydreams About Night Things

2 It’s a Business Doing Pleasure With You

3 New Voice Message

4 Last Call

5 Love’s a Fine, Fine Line

Blast From the Grassed

(2020) CD

On their 16th studio album, Hayseed Dixie take on a dozen guilty-pleasures classics from the Golden Age of Pop-Rock. Well, one of the songs is relatively new and the rest are well-known classics. But you’ve never heard them like this before. Get stark-raving plastered and sing along loudly. Suitable for home or office, in the shower or in the sauna. Best enjoyed with Gin & Tonic.


1 Africa

2 Stayin’ Alive

3 Suspicious Minds

4 Take On Me

5 Tainted Love

6 You Need To Calm Down

7 Shout

8 Mrs. Robinson

9 Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

10 Dancing Queen

11 Eternal Flame

12 Blue Monday

Digital Only Release

Will be released on

February 14, 2020